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Transformers Battle For Energon Game

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Transformers Battle For Energon Game

Transformers Battle For Energon Game

Bulkhead is on a high-level mission for Optimus Prime. The goal? Collect energon, dark energon, and scraplets over multiple missions. The challenge? Destroy Eradicons, blast through obstacles, evade enemy fire, and navigate all six levels to complete the mission. Are you ready to join Bulkhead's quest?

Date added: 2013-09-20

Instructions: You'll find instructions in the game too, but remember:

Preview each level to see which obstacles you'll need to clear.
You have to collect items like energon, dark energon, and gems to beat each level.
Move BULKHEAD left and right with the arrow or A and D keys.
Make him jump with the up arrow or W keys.
Use your weapons with the space bar or a left mouse click.
Switch weapons with the 1 or 2 keys, or by clicking on the weapon icons at screen bottom.
Use the wrecking ball to destroy obstacles, nearby enemies, and turrets.
Use the Blaster to neutralize Eradicons at a distance.
Look and listen for enemy turret fire.
Remember to keep your health up by gathering energon!

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Transformers can trace their origins to 1984, following a fusion of concepts between the American toy company Hasbro and the Japanese company Takara Tomy, both companies combining toy lines to form the new world wide renowned Transformers. Takara's own unique creation was an amalgamation of the toy line Diaclone and Microman; though even after the marriage between these two companies, Hasbro's transformers would contend with stiff competition from the Popular Gobots toy lines from the company Tonka, at least until they were bought out by Hasbro in 1991. Basically understanding the transformers begins with understanding that this much loved series began as a collection of toys from disparate companies that came together to create a single line of toy robots following the story of two ancient warring sentient robotic races, the righteous autobots and the evil decepticons, with each side endowed with the ability to transform into a diversity of forms, be it automobiles, aircrafts , weaponryhence the name transformers- transformations they would utilize to overcome each other's might. Transformers, since its inception in 1991 has undergone various metamorphisms, not reaching its great heights of popularity until it transcended the its toy origin and translated to comics books, the several animated series that followed, each progressing along a unique storyline, and finally the billion dollar grossing movies of recent times. The transformations that the franchise has undergone can best be described as generations.

Generation one, for instance refers to all transformers creations occurring between 1984 and 1993. Generation one initiates before the full realization of transformers, with the Microman series whose robots would morph into varying forms of a humanoid nature, and the Diaclone series that centered on robots with automobile transformations. Hasbro would go on to hire writers such as Dennis O'Neil to try and transform the nature of the transformers (upon the amalgamation of concepts that is) by bringing a story into the mix and molding a back story for the toy line with unique characters and personalities. It was during this era that the primary transformers story was created, revolving around Opfimus prime (the hero) and Megatron (the villain), their descent to earth and the chaos that ensues, with this story line initially occurring within the marvel universe, involving the cooperation of marvel comics and hence the injection of popular marvel characters such as spider man into the original stories and concepts that were generated. While the TV series produced shortly after would follow this central storyline, certain discrepancies and distinctions would occur, especially as production of the animated series changed hands, with most nuances revolving around the reason the alien robots crashed on earth and the behaviors of one or two major characters. This included major plots and concepts such as the origins of certain robots such as the dinobots, the existence of the creation matrix and a few other fictional details. While these nuances seized to matter with the expansion of the universe through two seasons and a movie, the story would suffer from further plot holes and contradictions regarding the origin stories of some characters and concepts, all of which had little impact on its popularity.

Generation two in the transformers franchise refers to the era between 1993 and 1995, following the return of the marvel based transformers. Really the divisions and structures in the franchise come down to the story lines, specifically the occurrences of certain storylines and characters. The beast wars generation (1996-2000) follows a revitalization and transformation of the entire series, creating a whole new form of autobots (maximals) and decepticons (predacons) and warping the history behind their war while setting the series during prehistoric earth times. Despite popularity beast wars and its rather brazen take on transformers suffered from production and financial setbacks that it managed to hold out against until the end of season 3. There were some attempts to milk the popularity of both transformers and fellow toy juggernaut G.I Joe by Dream weave productions which attempted to create a crossover between both series, the unique storylines and characters created failing to achieve much success due to Dream weave's bankruptcy.

This particular comic book story revolved around time travel and respective team ups between the Joes and Autobots, and cobra and the decepticons. More recent attempts to reboot the comics saw Hasbro reignite the original transformers toy line story but placing it within the context of the marvel universe. Several story lines were developed in tow, progressing stories and plots in separate universes such as transformers evolution and Hearts of Steel, many of these comics facing delayed publishing because of the sheer number of separate transformers storylines that were being released at the same time, the multiple universes risking confusing the fans. Besides a few famous titles in between, transformers didn't really find its stride, finally breaking into the main stream market until the live action transformers movie released in 2007.

The movie follows the basic concept of the original, regarding giant robots that crash land on earth, displaying a power to take on automobile forms as they wage war against each other. The first transformers movie revolved around the all spark, also known in the anime as the matrix, responsible for granting life to machines. The second and third sequel, though spotting varying story lines, continued the conflict between the autobots and decepticons. A fourth movie, said to warp the entire transformers concept as seen thus far in the movies is in the works. Hasbro has been working since 2010 to create a new transformers toy line based on the transformers live action universe. The transformers universe is much wider than can be verbalized in a few thousand words, and has grown with time to include a vast collection of transformers games, toys and series. The transformers world can prove to be quite exciting to the more accepting mind, allowing persons both young and old to experience endless hours of joy indulging in the vast and exhilarating stories and character that litter this universe.

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